Restoring Dynamic Lifestyles

RDL Therapeutic Adult Day Health Center

Let us help you by providing your loved one with the care they need and deserve.

Client Centered Care

Individually Crafted Plans

Our program is designed with each client in mind
as we incorporate their individual goals and aspirations.

Therapeutic Integration

Socialization, Cognitive Enhancement, & Physical Mobility

We can aid your loved one in acquiring the independence they desire
to live the life they deserve.

Adult Day Program Benefits

Our Program Is Designed To Provide Peace of Mind For Our Clients And Their Caregivers

Affordable Services

When compared to home care, on average, adult day programs cost 50% less for equal hours and 75% less when compared to nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

Promotes Independence

Services provided by adult daycares have been shown to delay and in some cases prevent the need to move to long-term care facilities by promoting independence in daily living.

Avoid Burnout

Relieving caregiver fatigue by providing essential respite services is vital when considering the stress accompanied with caregiving and adult day programs aid in this area.

About Us

We Are Passionate About Restoring Dynamic Lifestyles

RDL Therapeutic Adult Day Health Center is an ADA compliant day program intended to fulfill the needs of both aging adults and their caregivers. Our program was designed to provide short term rehabilitation and transitional care for aging adults that require minimal assistance and daily supervision.

Opened in 2015, the concept was based on the idea of providing care for those that were not quite ready for a long-term residential care facility but were also not able to navigate their daily lives without assistance and supervision. Therefore, RDL Therapeutic Adult Day Health Center was born. Filling the gap for those caregivers looking to keep their loved ones living at home while simultaneously being able to garner peace of mind while receiving respite from the tasks accompanied with caregiving.

Our facility has since expanded upon our goal of providing services to those in need within the community by increasing the number of agencies within our network. Today, we are proud to say that we are able to service countless individuals within Cumberland and the neighboring counties. Come be a part of our program as we continue to Restore Dynamic Lifestyles.

Meet Our Team

Our Team Of Professionals Is Dedicated To Providing The Best Care Possible

Our team of professionals is comprised of some of the best people in the healthcare field. They each strive to make a difference in our clients’ lives each and every day. Providing optimal care and supreme customer service, they exemplify all the things RDL Therapeutic stands for. So take a second and get familiar with them.

Alex Greer
Alex Greer
Certified Nursing Assistant

With almost three years of experience in healthcare, Alex is relatively new to the field but you would never tell from how much passion he has for his job. He likes sports, dancing, and telling jokes. He loves interacting with his clients and having tons of fun on the job. He says "It’s a great time when we all have a good time!".

    Kevin Walker
    Kevin Walker
    Program Director

    A graduate of the University of Michigan, Kevin has a background in psychology. He has worked in the healthcare field for 15 years. As a certified brain injury specialist, he has extensive background in providing care to those with specialized needs. He enjoys a good movie as he considers himself a connoisseur of film.

      Sonya Perry
      Sonya Perry
      Transportation Specialist & Dietary Coordinator

      Driving for the Cumberland County School District for five years, Sonya is an experienced and skilled driver. She's a mother of two awesome sons and a grandmother to one amazing grandson! Sonya loves spending time with her family, baking delectable treats, and also enjoys a fast paced rollercoaster.

        Pamela McDaniel
        Pamela McDaniel
        Activities Coordinator

        With over 20 years of experience in the field of geriatric care, Pamela is beyond excellent at her job. In addition to being the activities coordinator, she is also a certified nursing assistant. The activities she leads keeps everyone engaged. Pamela says "It is my strong belief that you are never too old to learn as learning never gets old!".

          Here Are A Few Stats About Caregivers & Caregiving

          Many adults lead very complex lives that are immediately altered once caregiving becomes an additional role.

          Caregivers Who Are Adult Children74%

          Caregivers Who Are Spouses24%

          Caregivers With Children Living At Home19%

          Caregivers Working Outside Of The Home76%

          Caregivers Who Report Less Stress Due To Adult Day Programs95%

          Our Care Is Measured By Our Clients' Satisfaction

          We pride ourselves on providing you and your loved one with the best care possible.


          Clients Served


          Years in Business


          Customer Satisfaction

          Take A Virtual Tour Of Our Facility With This Video Walkthrough

          We have lots of space and curated rooms to give our clients tons of options throughout the day.

          Our Services

          We offer comprehensive services that are sure to satisfy both you and your loved one.

          RDL Therapeutic Adult Day Health Center provides services that range from health and well monitoring, medication management, and provision of assistance with, or supervision of, activities of daily living. It is our mission to support each of our clients as they strive for independence by providing them with a therapeutic environment that will enhance their social, cognitive, emotional, and physical performance.

          Our facility is fully handicap accessible with activity based rooms including a computer area, restorative therapy gym, theater room, and so much more. In addition to the adult day program services provided, specialized services such as our restorative outpatient program and outpatient therapy services may be utilized as needed by individual participants. These services are provided by the RDL Therapeutic Outpatient Therapy Health & Wellness team along with the adult day health center program staff and are available by referral from a client’s primary care physician.

          Health & Wellness Monitoring

          Catering to the well-being of each of our clients, our medically trained staff ensure they are well taken care of.

          Nutrition Services

          We provide full balanced nutritious meals that have been selected by our licensed dietician. Serving breakfast, lunch, and snacks throughout the day.

          Structured Day Program

          Rest assured knowing that your loved one is receiving the best care possible in a safe and structured environment.


          We understand that quality service is what you are looking for so we have made our program affordable while at the same time providing you with the quality you deserve.




          • Roundtrip Transportation
          • Timely Pick Up and Drop Off
          • Safe Shuttle Service
          • Affordable Flat Rate
          • Mileage Band 0-10 miles

          Private Pay



          • Full Day of Services: 8a-5p
          • Meals and Snacks Provided
          • Therapeutic Activities
          • Health Monitoring
          • Assistance with ADLs

          Partnering Agency


          (transportation not included)

          • Agency Covers Program Cost
          • VA Community Care Network
          • Medicaid Waiver (CAP)
          • Long Term Care Insurance
          • State Adult Day Care Fund

          Frequently Asked Questions

          You have questions and we have answers.

          All of our activities are designed to focus on cognitive enhancement, socialization, and physical mobility as they each encompass a therapeutic approach. They are scheduled by our activities coordinator and range from daily exercise classes, parachute games, jewelry making, meditation courses and many more.

          Our program is centered around restoring the daily lifestyles of each of our participants. Although this may look different for each of our clients, the concept remains the same. Therefore, our program is designed for individuals that require minimal assistance with activities of daily living throughout the day and exhibit moderate mobility or better.


          RDL Therapeutic does offer transportation services for a nominal fee of $20/day for roundtrip transportation which you will find in our pricing and services section. Unfortunately, we able unable to offer wheelchair accessible transportation services at this time.

          Our program currently only operates on weekdays, Monday-Friday from 8a-5p. We are however considering offering services on Saturdays with a modified schedule in the future.

          Adult day programs work closely with the people who choose adult day services to access a variety of funding sources, including but not limited to:
          • Private Pay
          • Veterans Administration Community Care Network
          • Medicaid waiver (Community Alternatives Program for Disabled Adults and persons with Developmental Disabilities)
          • State Adult Day Care Fund
          • Home & Community Care Block Grant
          • Long Term Care Insurance

          Services offered at an adult day program may delay or even prevent your loved one from needing to move to a long-term residential care facility. These services that many programs offer can encourage your loved one to enjoy spending time with others through socialization. Not to mention, the supervised activities offered at adult day programs have been shown to improve daily living skills.

          Your loved one should be enrolled into an adult day program if they are in need of extra help with daily activities during the daytime. According to NASDA, if your loved one is experiencing difficulty performing daily tasks, has trouble focusing, has lost interest in interacting with others, is alone for a good portion of the day and is in need of attention, you should consider enrolling them in an adult day care/health center.

          Adult day cares provide social activities, meals, recreation, and some health-related services while adult day health cares offer intensive health, therapeutic, and social services for individuals with serious medical conditions and those at risk of requiring nursing home care.


          Here are just a few things people are saying about us.

          You'll feel welcomed as soon as you enter the door. Thanks RDL for giving my Grandmother such great care!!!

          — London Newton

          Satisfied Caregiver

          This is a wonderful adult day care. I do not know what we would do without this place. My mom (who has Alzheimer's) has been regularly attending since 2019/2020. Keeping her at home has been very difficult for us, but because of RDL Adult Day Care, she (& us) has a life! The hours are 8AM-5PM. They have activities, they are fed. She has friends! At first it was difficult, but she quickly learned to love the place and the staff. She thinks she's going to work, lol. Sometimes I can't believe that this gem is in our city. The staff is superb. It is so well run. One more thing, it is not as expensive as you might think. It was the best possible option for us, by far. I really don't know what we would have done without it. If you have an adult you are caring for, this is a wonderful place. I cannot give RDL enough praise and thanks. MUAH!

          — Christina Ramirez

          Satisfied Caregiver

          RDL is a "home away from home" type of setting for your loved ones. The staff are very caring, patient, and knowledgeable of each clients' individual needs. RDL offers daily fitness and daily activities to stimulate the mind and nutritious meals and snacks.

          — Sonya Perry

          Transportation Specialist

          This place is a God-send. I could not be more grateful for the wonderful daily social engagement the caregivers at the Adult Day Center provide for my father with dementia. He loves going here and the people here seem to genuinely care. He won't be able to go forever, but at this time it is the perfect daily respite my mother needs, and the social stimulation my father needs. The activities coordinator has wonderful things planned through the day for EVERY DAY. Thank you so much for opening in Fayetteville, where there were so few choices of care for my father.

          — Emily Wong

          Satisfied Caregiver

          Great place to bring your love one. Staff are very friendly and always willing to help. Going above and beyond to assist the clients and meet the needs of each and every one of them. Fun activities throughout the day to keep your loved one entertained.

          — Pamela McDaniel

          Activities Coordinator

          I render prayer services each week. They look forward to our worshipping together.

          — Sandra Quick


          A genuinely fun experience for all clients including activities like devotion and bingo to karaoke and movie night. A one of a kind adult day center that goes the extra mile to make sure everyone leaves with a smile going home.

          — Alex Greer

          Certified Nursing Assistant

          Want a place that will treat your love ones with the love and care like family?! Then RDL Therapeutic is the place! They have a great team that cares and it shows. Beautiful and clean facility. They have great outings for the clients. And so much more. This is truly a great place. You can't go wrong with people that care.

          — Jayda Barbara

          Satisfied Caregiver

          I have been using RDL for several years to give my sister a place to go everyday. She has dementia and needs assistance and coaching for most of her daily routines. RDL has provided a variety of activities for her everyday to keep her as active as possible. Since starting a RDL, she has become more alert and interactive at home with her family. I am glad we found them and highly recommend their services for your loved ones.

          — Felton Moore

          Satisfied Caregiver

          I highly recommend RDL Adult services for your loved ones. I am a caregiver for my 76 year old sister who suffers from dementia. I have used them for several years with no complaints. RDL has not only provided a place for her to go everyday but has provided us with the respite care we need to be able to continue caring for her. The staff are caring and provide a number of daily activities to keep her active. As a result of attending RDL, my sister is a lot more active and participates more in family interactions. "They have been a life saver for us"🌟

          — Jeanette Moore

          Satisfied Caregiver

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